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About Me

Samuel Seay

  • I am a passionate full stack developer with a wide range of skills. I'm experienced with UI/UX, Accessibility and Single Page JavaScript frameworks, such as React, Ember and others. I'm also experienced with back-end development in Node.js, Elixir and less recently Ruby on Rails. In recent years I have also worked extensively with mobile development in Android and React Native.


    HTML / CSS
    Elixir / Phoenix
    Ruby on Rails


Atomic Ltd


  • was a design tooling startup when I first arrived there. We worked on a very complex React front-end with a relatively simple Node.js backend. In my time on that project I worked on all aspects of the front and back end. I rearchitected chunks of the state management so that we could build more advanced features. I also worked on a backend implementation that allowed us to import designs from the Figma software tool.

    After some time we pivoted away from the old product to build a more business focussed enterprise tool based on knowledge we garnered from building designer tools. This involved the building out of several green-fields projects. Another developer and I lead the team towards microservices. The team had strong knowledge in Node.js so we built out our backends with koa and Node.js and our infrastructure was mainly Docker based. I also built out our security approach for passwordless authentication.

    After we built out the backend services, I took a lead on our SDK efforts, we needed to build developer tooling for Android, iOS and the web. We had a 2 person team and during that time I built out our native Android SDK and a Preact based web SDK.

    The Android SDK has been one of the most interesting experiences during my time at Atomic. It was required that the SDK be built as an embeddable UI framework, which meant solving some of the toughest problems I've had to solve in Android and I've learned a lot from that process.

Manuka Coalition

JUNE 2015 - MARCH 2018

  • Manuka Coalition is a small web development consultancy working for large clients internationally. During my time at Manuka I've worked on Ruby on Rails, Node.js, Ember, React and Elixir/Phoenix applications for both our external clients and internal software development.

    More recently I've also had the opportunity to work on mobile applications in react-native and Android. Android specifically has enabled me to become proficient in Java. If you would like more detail about specific projects I've worked on then please contact me to find out more.

Orion Health

JANUARY 2014 - JUNE 2015

  • Advocating best practices was the hallmark of my time at Orion Health. I took a lead role in implementing accessibility, responsive behaviour and good code architecture for their Patient Portal system which connected patients with their clinical information. The original application was built with legacy technologies so during my time there I pushed for an update in the technology stack that would allow us to keep up with modern browsers including, building proof of concepts for moving from the YUI module system to es6 modules.

Self Employed


  • As a freelance developer I built web applications in Ruby on Rails but also spent a lot of time in client side development with HTML5, CSS3 and front-end frameworks like Bootstrap. I built some single page application games in Moodle utilising Knockout.js. I also designed the DB schema and built front-end and back-end components for a Ruby on Rails based Education Management System.

NV Interactive


  • My core responsibilities at NV Interactive involved building .NET/MSSQL web applications. I built a faceted search and other CRUD features for a complex Au Pair application and also built Umbraco CMS based sites with custom functionality.

Intergen Ltd.

JANUARY 2012 - MAY 2013

  • My first job out of college was at Intergen as a C#/ASP.NET developer. I spent a large chunk of time there on an advanced agriculture system, that was an interactive single page application built in Knockout.js I also built much of the HTML/CSS components in the application (and aspects of the MVC backend as well). I pushed for our developers to get a better understanding of JavaScript as well.


Weltec Institute of Technology


  • Bachelor of Information Technology at the Weltec Institute of Technology.


    • 1st in I.T. school in 1st, 3rd year of Bachelor of I.T. at Weltec Institute of Technology. (2009, 2011)
    • Top project award at Weltec Institute of Technology (2011) for developing and managing a wedding RSVP management system in MVC PHP.

High School Certificate


  • High School Certificate in English, History, Maori, Science and Maths.